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Welcome to Buttermilk Bakers

Buttermilk Bakers’s cakes, cookies and pastry are bake to order. We are based at Desa Pandan and we provide delectable homemade products for birthdays, tea-parties, gifts, anniversary or for no reason at all!. Why not choose Buttermilk Bakers to help celebrate any occasion.

We also have a variety of VEGETARIAN products. Look out for the (V) sign.

SUGAR FREE product is also available. We use Stevia, a natural sweetener to replace the sugar in our baked goods.

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        We have a delectable selection of cakes. Each cake shown below are pound cake unless stated otherwise. We also have plain pound cakes such as vanilla, orange, marble, chocolate, coffee, pandan, blueberry, strawberry and lemon

Chocolate Cheese Temptation
Moist chocolate cake layered with cream cheese and topped with chocolate cream
Weight : 1.5 kg | Diameter : 8"
Price : RM 75.00 

Carrot Walnut Cake
Dense and filled with carrot & walnut, topped with cream cheese frosting and garnished with almond slices.
Weight : 1.5 kg | Length 9''
Price : RM 75.00

Red Velvet Cake
A light cocoa cake layered with cream cheese and garnished with coconut.
Weight : 1.5 kg | 8'' round or 9'' square
 Price : RM 80.00 (normal )

Peanut Butter Cake
Peanut cake  layered with peanut butter cream.....something peanut lovers dont want to miss!
Weight : 1.5 kg | Diameter 8''
Price : RM 75.00

Chocolate Temptation
Chocolate cake layered with chocolate cream for the ultimate chocolate experience!
Weight : 1.5 kg : 8'' round or 9'' square
Price : RM 70.00

Hedgehog Slice
(not pound cake)
A no-bake moist cake with sweet biscuits. Choice of chocolate or coffee flavour
Weight : 1.7 kg | Length : 9''
Price : RM 45.00

Pound Cake with Buttercream
Pound cake with buttercream & edible image 
Weight : 3.5 kg | Length: 12''
Price : RM 40/kg + additional charges for edible image 

Peanut Butter Cake
Peanut butter pound cake with peanut butter cream & edible image 
Weight : 4.0 kg | Length: 12''
Price : 
RM 40/kg + additional charges for edible image  

Sughee Cake
Light and buttery cake made from semolina flour
Weight : 1.2 kg | Length : 9''
Price : RM55 (plain) / RM65 ( with cream cheese icing)

Basket of Flowers
Pound cake with Buttercream
Weight : 2.0 kg | Diameter 8''
Price : RM 160  

Just Swirls
Pound cake with buttercream deco
Weight : 1.5 kg | Diameter 8''
Price : RM40/kg 

Butter Pound Cake
Light and buttery cake with a variety of flavors
Weight : 0.9 kg
Price : RM 26

Pistachio Cake
Dense and crumbly cake loaded with pistachio and milky cream
Weight : 1.6kg
Price : RM 80

Black Velvet Cake
Soft Choc Cake with 3 different cream cheese frosting
Weight : 1.5kg
Price : RM 80

Seri Kaya Cake
Seri Kaya Cake with Coconut Jam Buttercream
Weight : 1.5kg
Price : RM 70

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